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Our success stories

FAVEX, s.r.o.

The Favex company deals in metallurgical materials, especially pipes and rectangle tubes.

  • Accurate monitoring of individual production batches and of subsequent testing procedures
  • The system accounts for differences in weight coefficients of the individual batches, fluctuating within a tolerance range given by the norm
  • Check-in and loading notifications and the related check-in inspection and control measurement registration
  • Specialized production module for the company’s dividing and cutting centre
  • Material reservation for contracts of purchase or manufacturing job orders

Biopharm spol. s r.o.

Biopharm is one of the largest and most stable distributors of veterinary pharmaceuticals and medical devices in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

  • Implementation the specifics of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Pricing with different types of discounts
  • Sales portal make sales process more automatic and fast
  • E-shop for registered customers
  • Mobile application for transport of goods

INKA Interier s.r.o.

The company mainly deals with the design, production and realization of turnkey residential and non-residential interiors. In Allegro company use business documents and inventory.

  • Sophisticated support for purchase of components
  • Overview of expected and real costs and revenues
  • The customization of print and e-mail outputs to the corporate look, including logo, colors, and other graphics

Eurokov, s.r.o.

Eurokov is company focused on machine cutting. The example of this metalworking company shows the system can be freely extended via plug-ins.

  • Implementation of production module for one-off manufacture as well as batch production
  • The creation of technological procedures and calculations concerning products and work in progress
  • Direct interconnection of the company’s business and manufacturing activities
  • The evaluation of production plan and norm compliance
  • Other features include registering and tracking of tools and equipment

INGOS s.r.o.

The main activity of Ingos company is the development, design and manufacturing of laboratory instruments. The company used for the book keeping our older accounting software Nency. Now in Allegro they use also accounting module, next modules of assets, inventory and production.

  • Special module for projects controlling
  • Cash - flow monitoring
  • Extensive possibilities of export of obtained data

Digital People, a.s. (e-shop BIBLOO)

The company runs a premium e-shop with fashion Bibloo and uses Allegro for its accounting agenda.

  • Conversion of historical data from a previous accounting software
  • The connection of Allegro to the customer's webshop and the transfer of issued invoices and credit notes to Allegro
  • Multi-level approval of documents
  • Processing of electronic formats of bank statements in foreign currency
  • Materials for processing VAT returns in other EU countries


Mileta is one of the largest textile producer in Europe. The company used for its book keeping our older accounting software Nency and now company uses Allegro for its accounting agenda.

  • Data conversion during booking period
  • The connection of Allegro to the customer's invoicing and business software
  • Extending the loading of bank statements from other banks within Multicash
  • Online queries directly to the database for managers

M.A.S. ProService s.r.o (

The company operates the, which provides complete storage and logistics services for e-shops (fulfillment). The service provider required an online storage system to which e-shop owners would have access at any time. It takes full advantages of cloud access.

  • Use of sophisticated system of roles, privileges and other access settings
  • Automatic downloading of orders directly from e-shop
  • Tracking shipment status
  • Available data for the pricing of storage

Zemědělská technika BOSKO a.s.

The company focuses on engineering activities and for its accounting and asset agenda uses Allegro.

  • Accounting by projects
  • Special profit and loss statement of projects directly according to customer's requirements
  • Evaluation of work in progress based on accounting data
  • Import data from wage software

Jindřich Rejthar velkoobchod s.r.o.

Rejthar company sells plumbing material. Since 2018 company has been using the accounting and asset modules and now we are planning for transfer all other customer's agendas to Allegro.

  • Issued invoices are imported to Allegro from other software
  • Record of the amount of the discount and its validity, linked to payment orders and evaluation for future payments
  • Monitoring the costs of each company vehicles including subsequent evaluation
  • Special report with overview of lent pallets

IN VOZÍK kompenzační pomůcky

Since 2012 company In Vozík Tomáš Kuželka has been selling aids for disabled people. Allegro provides complete sales and warehouse support for the company.

  • Special application for retail sale

Fokus Kytary

The Fokus Kytary online shop uses our Web Content Management module, and is directly connected to the Allegro Business Solution modules.

  • The registration and classification of musical instruments
  • The price lists can be created in various currencies including special offers for particular product groups or time-limited discounts
  • Online orders are automatically sent to Allegro and processed in a subsequent sales chain (delivery note, invoice, shipping)

Nutra-Bona, s.r.o.

Nutra-Bona company develops a several original nutritional supplements, whose high efficiency is supported by patented technologies. Nutra-Bona uses Allegro for its complete agenda, either directly or through an external accounting company.

  • Reward system for partners
  • Calculating selling commissions
  • E-shop for partners with ComGate payment gateway

Sologis s.r.o.

Sologis company deals with logistics and warehousing. The company provides storage racks to their business partners and solves related issues.

  • Mobile application Logistore monitors retail equipment in stores
  • During disassembly of retail equipment, photos are taken and a card of individual parts of the retail equipment is created
  • Thanks to the perfect records, the individual parts are always clearly available for replenishment in other stores

Uniman s.r.o.

Company UNIMAN s.r.o. is specialized first and foremost in production of lifting and handling devices as well as special gripping equipment, further it is equipment for building industries, mechanical engineering, logistics and solutions for technical approach to extraordinary works in the heights and others products.

  • Company uses Allegro for its complete agenda
  • Implementation of production module for one-off manufacture
  • Reporting of work in progress together with its calculation



With the arrival of a cold week, we introduced a new version of the program 2.124.
You can find more information in the latest edition of our Allegro newsletter.

For customers with an e-shop, it offers effective improvements in the form of the calculation of bonuses and discounts in the supply, if the customer further orders the goods himself via the e-shop. A new module for pricing transport also offers substantial time and calculation savings. Did you know that if you import the carrier's price list into Allegro and make the necessary settings, the program automatically inserts the calculated price for transportation into the document? Those interested in this gadget can contact customer support.

More in Allegro newsletter.


Check out the regularly updated overview of the latest news. We are constantly improving Allegro, and every month you can look forward to our newsletter, in which you will find, among other things, a description of the new programs and functions that we have added to Allegro.

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