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Contains a register of issued and received invoices (including down payment invoices, issued and received). Although the module is implemented as a standalone unit for practical reasons, interconnection with the Accounting module makes it an essential part of the system. In order to facilitate the creation of invoices, the system is closely linked with product registers, inventory records, price lists and business documents (orders, delivery notes etc.).

  • Allows registering products and services provided under certain terms and conditions
  • Aggregate items and alternative units of measurement can be defined
  • Price lists for different target groups of customers; also in multiple currencies
  • Time-limited price lists for sales and seasonal offers
  • Invoices can be created from orders or delivery notes
  • Delivery notes can be created based on invoice
  • Custom ordering of invoice lines via drag and drop
  • Linked with the Accounting module, allows direct settlement

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With the arrival of a cold week, we introduced a new version of the program 2.124.
You can find more information in the latest edition of our Allegro newsletter.

For customers with an e-shop, it offers effective improvements in the form of the calculation of bonuses and discounts in the supply, if the customer further orders the goods himself via the e-shop. A new module for pricing transport also offers substantial time and calculation savings. Did you know that if you import the carrier's price list into Allegro and make the necessary settings, the program automatically inserts the calculated price for transportation into the document? Those interested in this gadget can contact customer support.

More in Allegro newsletter.


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