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The Web Content Management system is a simple module for creating and managing web presentations directly in Allegro. It is based on templates defining the individual pages and providing textual and graphic elements as re-usable components. Everything is stored in a database, so the entire site content, including JavaScript and CSS definitions, is firmly in your hands.

Pre-defined macros ensure a logical page structure, and allow you to directly connect your data. Simply place a macro on a particular position in the template or the page to ensure, for example, interconnection with the product database and display the relevant description, photo gallery and price.

The system features a built-in shopping basket and can send orders directly to Allegro. Thus, the Allegro Web module is ideal for the creation of corporate presentations or online shops.

Actually, the web site you’re browsing at the moment was created and is administered in this very environment.

  • An unlimited number of web sites can be registered and administered
  • Custom templates to define the page look the way you like it
  • Can be directly linked with data in all Allegro modules
  • Interconnected with the File Manager to enable inserting pictures and file links easily
  • Macros for displaying banners, news, products, price lists and discounted items
  • Built-in shopping basket that sends orders directly to Allegro
  • Built-in breadcrumb navigation and web search
  • Custom URLs can be defined including language mutations
  • Pages are optimized for search engines (SEO)

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The current version of our system 2.125 brought several promising changes.
You can find news about the Allegro Software program and the mobile application in the June newsletter.

We have implemented an external system for extracting data from invoice files into Allegro, which we are currently testing. Those interested will be able to try communicating with the WFLOW system.

Find more in Allegro newsletter.


With the arrival of a cold week, we introduced a new version of the program 2.124.
You can find more information in the latest edition of our Allegro newsletter.

For customers with an e-shop, it offers effective improvements in the form of the calculation of bonuses and discounts in the supply, if the customer further orders the goods himself via the e-shop. A new module for pricing transport also offers substantial time and calculation savings. Did you know that if you import the carrier's price list into Allegro and make the necessary settings, the program automatically inserts the calculated price for transportation into the document? Those interested in this gadget can contact customer support.

More in Allegro newsletter.


Check out the regularly updated overview of the latest news. We are constantly improving Allegro, and every month you can look forward to our newsletter, in which you will find, among other things, a description of the new programs and functions that we have added to Allegro.

The overview of published Allegro newsletters is only in Czech. To view the list, you must switch the language.

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