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Allegro Business Solution

Cloud ERP software system with the look and feel of desktop programs

Pure web application supporting all common browsers.

Handles the economic administration in small and medium-sized enterprises, helps self-employed businessmen with paperwork, and will also answer the needs of accounting companies.

Why you should pick Allegro Business Solution:

  • Immediate use
    Cloud-based: no installation or investments in IT equipment needed
  • Availability anytime, anywhere
    Using the system only requires Internet connection and a web browser
  • Variability
    An open architecture allows easy extension via modules
  • Individual approach
    Printout modifications, additional functionality, development of custom modules
  • Multilingual operation
    Easy localization on both application and data level
  • Always up to date
    Automatic updates constantly keep all modules in compliance with legislation
  • Not only the cloud
    Can also be installed locally in your company network

Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, working in Allegro will seem like walking in familiar places. Your accountant or tax advisor will be able to administer your data without leaving the comfort of the chair. We know what we’re talking about, as we use Allegro in our Czech and Belgian branches. And we’re sure it will fit your company like a glove.

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